We love to stay up late for countless hours playing our favorite video games. Whether you’re a PC or console player, your body is put through stress from an improper seating position. Most players don’t think about their posture when they are gaming. Neck pain, spinal curvature and hand swelling are some of the injuries caused by improper posture. Just think of the number of years you’ve spent gaming in a seating position that leaves you with a stiff neck or back. Prolonged time sitting in an improper position can cause irreversible damage to your body. 

One tip to help avoid injury while gaming is to adjust your sitting position before you start playing. Check your eye level to the monitor so you’re not straining your neck to see. Sit firmly against your chair with your back straight and not hunched.  Adjust your seat height until you’re comfortable.

Take brief pauses every hour or so to give your body a break. Try various yoga poses to help body mobility. Stretch your fingers and massage them to prevent cramping. This will help circulate blood flow and prevent gamers' thumb. Rotating your wrist helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Your gaming chair is the single most important piece of equipment you have. Having an expensive gaming system doesn’t mean much if you’re not comfortable while playing. Investing in a high quality gaming chair that can provide the right vertebrae support is vital. 

IQ Skyline has designed the versatile Crown Gaming Chair. Expertly designed to accommodate a work from home lifestyle or playing video games. The Crown is a Luxury Hybrid gaming chair that has two main features. The first feature the Crown provides is a professional full body massage with zero gravity. A massage therapist right in your game room or office so you never have to leave the house. 

The second feature is Crown’s sofa conversion mode for relaxation. Take a break from streaming on your Twitch channel and sit back on this gaming sofa. Put on your favorite mix through the built in bluetooth feature and center yourself. Sitting in the Crown can help relieve stress and anxiety. Experience top of the line comfort from this expertly designed gaming chair. 

If this is your first time hearing about IQ Skyline then you’re in for a treat. IQ Skyline is a family run business that started in 2005. The family has built a global enterprise that specializes in health and wellness products.  Their High End Luxury products are designed with industry leading technology.  IQ Skyline uses FDA approved products so you can rest easy knowing that these products are built safe, made to last and will help improve your overall health. You can rest assured that IQ Skyline products are made to last.