A Professional Massage Therapist right in your living room or office. The Magnificence provides you with over 17 voice commands such as, “Comfort Massage.”, “Go little up.” and “Open the air pressure.” These commands give you full control for a fully customizable massage experience.


You've never experienced a true high luxury massage until you've sat in the Opulence. The Opulence main feature is the Intelligent Mechanical 3D Massage Technology. This technology mimics the hands of a professional massage therapist while providing relief to the vertebra.


With no assembly required, you get to enjoy all the high end features that Eclipse has to offer right away! This massage chair comes loaded with Voice Control, Zero Gravity and 8 professionally designed massage modes.


A gaming massage chair made for royalty. The Crown is hybrid massage chair that provides a full body massage and zero gravity with the sofa feature. The Crown comes with Bluetooth Compatibility, Zero Gravity, and a charging station.