You have the coolest job in the world because you get to work from home. You’re not limited to a small cubicle space in an office. When you wake up, you’re in a workspace of your design. You’ve literally traded your 10th story view of downtown for a small desk in your living room. Creating a space that speaks to your taste and personality is important for your productivity. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay productive in your home office. 


The first step to creating a perfect work space at home is the location. There are a number of places you can put your desk. Living rooms, bedrooms and even garages can be converted to the perfect office. Wherever you decide to set up your home office, make sure you’re in an area that is well ventilated. Keep the temperature in the room at a comfortable setting. 

Your office space should be well lit. Natural light can boost your mood. Open a few blinds and let the sun in. If you work at night, use bright led bulbs for optimal lighting.

Try not to place your desk near any electronics that will distract you. Playing sports or your favorite reality show on the tv while working can definitely be a distraction. 

Any electronics on your desk should be only for work purposes. Having your phone close by is only natural but limit your usage to work emails, text from clients, etc. Opening your phone and browsing through social media will kill a lot of time. 


Set up your desk/workspace with functionality in mind. Make sure your space can comfortably fit everything you need to get your job down. Any equipment you may need should be close by so you won't have to leave your work.

Place items on your desk that show your personality. There's nothing wrong with the golden pothos on your desk or the limited edition figurine because these items display your personal favor. 

Paint the walls in your office with vibrant colors that will boost your morale. You can even throw in an accent wall of your favorite color.

Make sure the chair you’re sitting for work can support your posture and keep you awake. Neck, shoulder and back injuries are common when sitting long hours in an improper office chair. 

If you ever find yourself bored with the space then don’t hesitate to switch it up. Move desk locations, repaint the walls or even put some artwork up on the wall. You want your office space to breathe life into your workday. The more productive you are, the more opportunities will come your way.