Adding fitness to your vacation brings a different element to your trip. A vacation with physical activities can help improve your mental and physical health. Just think of your vacation as an opportunity to explore new sites while enjoying physical activities. It’s time to get outside and see what the world has to offer. Whether you want to fly domestic or international, there will be plenty of places for you to visit.


Cycling is a great way to explore a new city and get exercise at the same time. Switch up your transportation and try it. Most tourist areas have bikes that you can rent. This is a leisure bike ride so you pick paths that are easy to navigate.

The fitness benefits of cycling are:

  • Decreased levels of stress and anxiety
  • Improved coordination and posture
  • Increased flexibility and muscle strength

Canoe or Kayak

If you’re close to a river or lake on your travels, try going canoeing or kayaking. The great thing about canoeing and kayaking is that it doesn’t take a lot of physical strength. Rowing down the water can be a form of meditation to relieve stress.

The fitness benefits of canoeing are:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased leg and torso strength
  • Improved upper body strength


You can find safe hiking trails almost anywhere you travel. Explore the countryside or woodland areas at your destination. Taking a more scenic route during your vacation can open your eyes to the beauty in the world.

The fitness benefits of hiking are:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved blood pressure and sugar levels

Whether you choose to visit the Elk mountains in the U.S. or the Amalfi Coast in Italy, you will find your adventure. Don’t be that person that second guesses themselves and lives vicariously through someone’s IG. Being stuck in the house and flipping through the Travel channel is a thing of the past. You’ve already done that during the pandemic shut down. If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, freedom should not be taken for granted. With the vaccine being distributed around the world, traveling can be less stressful. As more countries slowly begin to lift their Covid restrictions, more options will be available. Now is the time to take that leap and enjoy the outdoors.